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About Public Policy Forum

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ‐ Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) had launched the UAE Public Policy Forum in March, 2017 as an annual global discussion platform bringing together government leaders, the academic elite, and experts from all over the world who are dedicated to enhancing government policy making in the UAE and the region. Each year, the two‐day event sheds light on a unique theme through addressing several related pillars.

Since 2017, the annual UAE Public Policy Forum has successfully positioned itself as a platform for knowledge creation and sharing in the UAE around public policy themes. In its 3rd edition in 2019, the UAE Public Policy Forum will focus on the emerging accelerating dynamics for implementing the SDGs in the age of the “4th Industrial Revolution”. As a policy and knowledge platform, the Forum will address policy implications, challenges, responses and future sustainable development prospects in the UAE. The conference will discuss the potential policy challenges and responses in the UAE with the objective of drafting a high‐level “policy roadmap” for the UAE’s 2020‐2030. The Forum will be held on 27‐28 January 2019 under the theme of “Accelerating SDGs Implementation: Future Policy Roadmap”.

Aligned with its ambitious national plans and vision, the UAE has set clear long‐term targets and set organizational structures towards implementing the SDGs over the next decade. However, as digital transformation challenges continue to evolve, and with new opportunities emerging, the Forum will provide a much needed platform that enables a deep‐dive into critical development policy areas. At this critical juncture, it will enable informed debates around future policy responses, regulatory frameworks, mechanisms of implementations and reactions to societal concerns and ambitions. Ultimately, the Forum aims to contribute to the local and global efforts to accelerate the SDGs implementations through proactive discussions on future directions of sustainability policies in the age of big data, artificial intelligence, smart cities and universal digital transformation.

Why Attend

In a knowledge based economy, bench marking against best practice and adopting successful models for conducting public private partnerships is one way to ensure success. The UAE Public Policy Forum on Shaping the Future of Public Private Partnerships is a unique opportunity to hear from experts, policy makers , investors researchers and other stakeholders as they  share their expertise about strategies, technology, policy implications  and process associated with public private partnerships locally and globally.

As a delegate at the UAE Public Policy Forum, you will be able to:

  • Expand your network from the delegates you will meet at a conference
  • Connect and collaborate with stakeholders in several industries.
  • Gain insights into the pipeline of projects, tenders and RFP.
  • Question expert presenters during the two day event and afterwards.
  • Share knowledge/solutions with clients, peers and industry experts.
  • Engage with thought leaders to address specific problems.
  • Raise brand awareness for your company through networking and sponsorship.
  • Meet local and international government officials who have the authority to influence PPP.

Who should attend

The UAE Public Policy Forum is for key decision makers interested or involved in exploring public-private partnerships. Delegates will benefit from opportunities to network with the industry’s most influential professionals, experts, service providers and public leaders.  Conference demographics include:

key decision makers across municipal, state and federal levels of governments including public agencies focused on healthcare, education, transportation, ICT and sustainable development.

Private Sector:
executives, presidents, vice presidents, business development leaders, investors and managing directors

High Education:
chief financial officers, business officers, researchers, academics, students, chancellors, governing board members, and Deans

a general audience with an interest in PPP

Delegates from the general public will benefit from our industry experts presenting their knowledge and valuable insights into the PPP trends that are redefining the public sector.

More experienced professional delegates will benefit from our networking opportunities to cultivate relationships with key industry influencers.